An Ode to Elysee


An Ode to Elysee is a visual and textual series prompted by the various hairnets worn by black women one of which comes in a packaging  branded “elysee” . . . . .

Elysee is an ode to all hairnets, bonnets, wig caps, durangs, wrap bonnets, meshnets, silk scarfs, snoods etc out there. Black women love their hairnets and black hair is like any other! Its extremely fragile, requires tender loving care, It has bends and twists that make it more vulnerable to manipulate

An Ode to Elysee explores the relationship Black women have with their hairnets, silk scarves etc and also celebrates black women, black hair and black culture. The expression of beauty through hairstyles has been a long standing signature of black culture. An Ode to Elysee documents the connection between hair and beauty in Black culture.

I documented over 15 different types/styles of hairnets, bonnets etc worn by black women. The women wrote an ode from their heart dedicated to their hairnets.






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