Chin We is an award winning visual artist and art making philosopher. She was born in Manchester, England and spent her formative years in Nsukka, Eastern Nigeria and adolescent years in London, England. She is fascinated by humans and capturing people’s essence. In Chin We’s words “I adore the human experience – we are all that we have”  Her work explores themes and issues of social/cultural identity, culture, representation, heritage and the african diaspora through photography and film. 
Chin We is also into conceptual photography. Her conceptual images explores light and the mind of imagination which are her thoughts, messages, stories and ideas from her Chi. Chi in Igbo Cosmology is referred to as the “personal God” . . . the personal spirit of a person and the spirit which determines destiny. 
Chin We is a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.  Her work has been published on CNN and several other publications. She was featured on CNN as one of the leading African heroine women photographers, nominated for RPS 100 heroines by the Royal Photographic Society England and won an honourable mention award in the People-Portrait Category in International Photography Awards(IPA) 2018.
Other than photography, she’s is a arsenal F.C supporter, Formula 1 fan, lover of music and dance. She is also the curator of a contemporary private art studio/portfolio gallery based in London and the content creator of the lifestyle blog
  • 2020 Arts Council England Grant for Individuals
  • 2019 Arts Council England Grant for Individuals 
  • 2018 Fellow at Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)
  • 2018 RPS Nominee for RPS 100 heroines by The Royal Photographic Society England
  • 2018 An Honourable mention award in the People-Portrait Category in International Photography Awards(IPA) New York. IPA is one of the world’s most prestigious photography award.



  • 2020 Come and See Fotographic Ife Nkili, Micklegate York, England
  • 2019 Lifestyles and Portraiture Ife Nkili, Royal Photographic Society England, Grosvenor Estates 
  • 2019 Look Photo Biennial  Ife Nkili, Open Eye Gallery Liverpool, England
  • 2019 Photo London Fair Ife Nkili, Representation on the line: (Un)framing our identities, Royal Photographic Society England London, Somerset House London
  • 2019 Representation on the line: (Un)framing our identities Ife Nkili, Royal Photographic Society England Hundred Heroines  – Chelsea, Doncaster and Blackpool, UK. 



  • 2020 Sis a visual series documenting our personal experiences and emotions during the coronavirus outbreak and pandemic
  • 2020 An Ode To Elysee a visual and textual series prompted by the various hairnets worn by black women one of which comes in a packaging branded “elysee”. The project explores the relationship Black women have with their hairnets, silk scarves, bonnets etc 
  • 2019 I am not your mate a portrait and storytelling  series focused on 26 senior citizens based in London. The project documents their experiences, dreams and fears





  • 2019 PhotoForum London – Panel discussion: Diversity in Photojournalism with Anna Gordon, Chin We, Suzanne Plunkett and Helen Healy



  • 2019 African Lens Publication, Volume 5  African Lens is a publication that showcases and shares the diverse stories of Africa. The publication shines a light on the beauty, rich and diverse culture of Africa.





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Commission Work

Chin We is available to create commissioned works for you and your environment such as galleries, offices, private sector, public sector, spaces etc. She will be happy to discuss your needs and briefs. Although Chin We will be flattered to receive any request, she will only work on commissioned photography that align with her vision and body of work.



For general/work enquiries and collaborations. Please send an email to

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