Ijé Ụwá



Ijé Ụwá is an unscripted documentary highlighting the lives of 5 Black women artists in contemporary England. It explores their challenges and successes, emphasizing the complexities of being a Black female artist.

Through visual arts, performing arts, literature, poetry, digital media, dance, and music, the documentary addresses themes of resilience, self-discovery, and pursuing dreams despite societal expectations and systemic barriers.

The documentary not only sheds light on the unique struggles and triumphs of these artists but also aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity. It provides a platform for these women to share their stories, showcasing the richness and depth of their experiences as they navigate their artistic pursuits in a society that may not always recognize or value their contributions.

Overall, Ijé Ụwá offers a compelling exploration of the intersectionality of identity, the power of resilience, and the pursuit of dreams in the face of adversity. It aims to inspire and empower audiences while promoting a more inclusive and diverse representation in the arts.




                                    IJE UWA will be available on YOUTUBE and VIMEO for all to access SUMMER 2024

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